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What Can I Do If I Am Charged With DUI Other

Contact William Wayne Housley immediately.

Beware of Driving Under the Influence of Prescription Drugs

Where charged with driving under the influence of prescription drugs, contact William Wayne Housley immediately.

Tips on How to Avoid Getting a DUI

Tips on How to Avoid Getting a DUI requires that one be polite and keep their wits. Most of the questioning is completely voluntary. Beware of answering too much. Just present license and proof of insurance and politely refuse all other questioning. Always remember that the burden of proof is on the officer.

Mississippi Restricted Driver's License

The hardship license has been superseded by an ignition interlock restricted license for those that need a license after being charged with DUI refusal.

Can we have sex?

Although someone reaches the age of consent does not mean all possible concerns are gone. Sex is an adult act and requires two adults. Be responsible and wait.

Areas We Serve

Mr. Housley primarily represents clients in northern Mississippi. We handle case in Lee, Alcorn, Lowndes, Monroe, Pontotoc, Union, Prentiss, Itawamba and Tishomingo Counties, including cities such as Tupelo, Corinth, Pontotoc, Columbus, New Albany, Booneville, Aberdeen, and Fulton.

Attorney William Wayne Housley offers his services throughout North Mississippi in both state and federal courts. We represent clients throughout Lee, Monroe, Itawamba, Prentiss, Alcorn, Pontotoc, Chickasaw, Tishomingo, Lowndes and Union Counties. Mr. Housley has been practicing over 20 years in the state of Mississippi and his office is located near historic crosstown in Tupelo, Mississippi.

For over 20 years, Mr. Housley has represented the accused, handling thousands of felony and misdemeanor cases and traffic matters in both federal and state courts.

Your case is important so choose someone with experience. Attorney Housley is personally prepared to vigorously defend clients facing a broad range of criminal charges,including traffic violations and DUI. We also handle charges involving  violent crimes, as well as sexually related offenses and drug charges, among other areas of criminal defense.

Precharge and Postconviction Matters

Mr. Housley also offers precharge representations so you can discuss the charges that may be filed against you and enlist representation as soon as possible to protect your rights. Postconviction matters that we handle include expungement and motions for appropriate relief that include postconviction relief and Criminal Appeals.

Talk to Your Lawyer, Not the Police

It is always a wise course of action, to retain a lawyer to represent your interest as soon as possible. Law enforcement officials and prosecutors may try to convince or coerce you into given a statement with a false promise of favorable treatment. Avoid this scenario of "hanging yourself". Whatever benefit you get from answering questions without an attorney present is far outweighed by the damage he will do to your case.

Contact Us Immediately to Protect Your Rights

Whether you have received a traffic ticket, are facing white ­collar criminal charges, or have been charged with a violent crime, we are here to assist. Please fill out the contact us form and we will get back with you as quick as possible. Because we understand how important your case is.

Let Your Voice Be Heard


"Speak up for those who have no voice, for the justice of all who are dispossessed. Speak up, judge righteously, and defend the cause of the oppressed and needy." Proverbs 31:8-9