Can You Get Suspended From Your Job After a DUI?

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Getting a DUI is serious, but there can be consequences beyond points on your license, higher insurance, fees and fines to pay, or even a car accident. Depending on what you do for a living and the company you work for, getting caught driving under the influence could also cost you your job.

You could be fired or suspended from your work, but in most cases it is not specifically the DUI that is the problem. Instead, it is more often because you lose your driving privileges. Without a way to get to and from work, you can end up out of a job very quickly.

Some Jobs Require a Clean Driving Record

If you are a truck driver, you have use of a company car, or you drive for work in some capacity, you may find that getting a DUI is grounds for you to lose your job. That is because companies that require you to drive as part or all of your employment have to be able to insure you.

If you have a DUI or other type of issue with your driving record, you are generally considered to be at higher risk, and so insuring you is more difficult and also more expensive. Applying for a driving job with these issues will get you turned down, and having these problems occur after being hired will usually get you fired.

Getting to Work is Very Important

People who do not have good public transportation options can really struggle when they get a DUI. Suddenly they find that they are not allowed to drive for a period of time, and they have no good way to get to work reliably and on time on a consistent basis. In those kinds of cases they generally are not fired for having a DUI, specifically, but for being late to work or missing too much time. Still, that is a consequence of losing your license, which can happen with a DUI.

If you have more than one DUI, the chance that you will lose your license greatly increases, as well. A hardship permit can allow you to drive to and from work only, which can help you keep your job as long as you do not have to drive as a part of your employment.

Fortunately, there are things you can do in order to reduce the chances of being convicted of a DUI, and losing your license as a result of that conviction. With the right legal advocate on your side, it is often possible to see the charges against you reduced or dropped. If you have been arrested for a DUI in Mississippi, contact William Wayne Housley today, and work with a team that can help you explore your options and get you the best outcome for your situation.

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