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I cannot say how much this man helped me. Before contacting him, I had spoken to several other lawyers. I was scared and before we even discussed anything about the case it was all talk about lawyers fees and how much it would cost to meet them for the first time. I wasn't even sure if they could help me yet, but it was important that they got theirs before I found out. When I called Housley, he did more for me than everyone else I had talked to put together. I was scared, but talking to someone who sounded so informed made me feel so much better. He went out of his way to help me and I cannot explain how much it meant to have somebody who actually seemed like they were in my corner. His advice was useful and reassuring and he did his best to explain things clearly and listen to what I had to say. Finding a lawyer was something I had no idea how to do, so it was a lottery for me, but I definitely feel like I won.

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We understand the criminal legal process and pride ourselves on availability and communication. Mr. Housley utilizes his experience along with intense preparation and a long term strategy to help clients win criminal defense cases.