Consequences of a Homicide Conviction

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The defendant in a homicide case could be charged with capital murder, murder, or manslaughter. The range of punishments include:

  • Life imprisonment without parole
  • Death penalty
  • Life imprisonment
  • 20 years for manslaughter conviction
  • Fines, restitution, and other punishments and penalties

The severity of the consequences are determined by a number of different factors. Prior criminal convictions, probation/parole status, level of remorse, and aggravate circumstances will all be considered when determining a sentence.

Homicide Defenses

An experienced and aggressive criminal law attorney has numerous defenses available to improve the outcome of a homicide case. A few of the defenses available for trial include:

Perfect Self-Defense

If it can be proved with reasonable belief that the defendant's actions were necessary for self-defense, then no punishment or sentencing will be provided. For a self-defense case to be successful, it must be proven that the defendant did not initiate the violence and acted with an equal amount of force in responding to the aggressor.

Imperfect Self-Defense

Unlike perfect self-defense, imperfect self-defense lacks reasonable belief that self-defense was necessary.  Cases where the defendant honestly believed that self-defense was necessary, but a reasonable person would believe otherwise would fall under this category of defense.

Defense of Property

For a defense of property case, it must be proven that the defendant's life was threatened by the intruder or trespasser.


If a law enforcement agent encourages or solicits a person to commit a homicide, then an entrapment defense is present. A person must possess the knowledge that the killing was illegal or unjustified to receive punishment. When an officer of the law encourages murder, the knowledge of legality becomes unclear.


For an insanity plea to be proven, it must be shown that the defendant was not mentally sound at the time of the act. Insanity should be thoroughly considered before being used as a defense. Records will indicate an insanity defense, which could negatively affect a defendant's day to day life.

There are a number of other defenses include duress, crime prevention, intoxication, diminished capacity, and more.

Why Hire A Criminal Attorney?

If you or someone you love has been charged with murder or homicide, it is in your best interest to hire a qualified criminal law attorney who will aggressively defend your legal rights. A good lawyer can get your case dismissed, reduce your penalties, negotiate alternative punishments, gather evidence in your favor, and devise other strategies to improve the outcome of case.

Why Hire William Housley?

The attorney you decide to go to court with will ultimately affect the outcome of your future. Hiring an inexperienced criminal defense attorney could land you an undesirably harsh sentence.

William Housley possesses over a decade of experience in criminal law. His determination and commitment to justice will ensure that your case is seen all the way through from start to finish. His in-depth knowledge of Mississippi criminal lawwill ensure you receive the best possible sentence.

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