Sex Crimes

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Sex offenses carry such a negative stigma that the allegations alone are enough to permanently damage a reputation, even if the allegations are false. Sex offenses include prostitution, rape, indecent exposure, possession of child pornography, and more.

The charge of a sex offense can have a long lasting impact. A sex charge can affect your work eligibility and limit where you are able to travel or live.

What Are The Consequences of a Sexual Charge?

Penalties for sex crimes vary greatly depending on the offense. Penalties could include years of prison time, hefty fines, and admittance to the registered sex offenders list. It is paramount that you retain an experienced Tupelo criminal defense attorney to mitigate the severe repercussions that come with a sex crime. Few areas of criminal law have repercussions as serious as people convicted of a sex crime and you do not want to be one of them.

The consequences affect everyone around you. Family members are particularly affected by a conviction for a sex offense. Everyone will know including your neighbors, your children's friends, and their teachers. You must do all in your power to prevent your family from being affected by sex crime charges and their horrific consequences.

If charged, then you need an aggressive defense. The current atmosphere has created a horrible environment for those accused of a sex crime. Allegations alone are usually sufficient for accused to be prosecuted  to the fullest extent of the law. Plea bargaining often proves unacceptable because of day for day incarceration and the requirement of registering as a sex offender.

How Do You Fight A Sex Charge?

Expertise is an absolute necessity in this area of the law. Sex crimes defense requires very specific defense strategies supported by extensive investigation and trial preparation. If a trial is necessary you will need an aggressive criminal defense attorney that will fight without being tied to the local politics of your community. Defenses for a sex crime include:


Certain crimes such as rape or sexual assault require that the victim was forced against his or her will to engage in sexual activities. Therefore, consent can be a viable defense if available. However, consent can be both difficult and controversial to argue.


If the defendant can show that they were not mentally sound at the time of the act, then an insanity plea can be made. It's important to fully consider the consequences of pleading insanity before deciding to do so. An insanity plea will remain on record and could affect day to day life.


Suspects charged with soliciting a prostitute or enticing a minor are often arrested by undercover officers. You may never have contemplated in engaging in such sexual behaviors if you weren't pushed to do so by an officer. Entrapment is complex, but does present a viable defense if overzealous or illegal undercover tactics were utilized.

Early intervention is critical to obtaining the best results. Anything you say to law enforcement or the prosecutor can be used against you. If arrested for a sex crime, you should remain silent until you can obtain legal counsel.

Why Hire A Criminal Attorney?

A sex crime is no laughing matter. The consequences of a charge will haunt you for the remainder of your life. Thus, hiring the right attorney to defend your case is all the more important. An experienced criminal attorney may be able to drop or even significantly reduce your charges.

Why Hire William Housley?

William Wayne Housley offers his experience and commitment to client satisfaction for those that are faced with a charge of sex crime. He has over 22 years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of legal procedure and an excellent record of providing creative defense strategies. Defending our clients against sex crime charges is one of our specialties.

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