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What should I expect during an Initial Consultation

When you call to schedule a consultation, you may initially encounter a phone conference rather than a face to face meeting.  Do not be alarmed by this, as phone conferences are advantageous to both you and the criminal attorney.  You do not have to take as much time away from work, school, or find daycare, as you would if you were coming to the office.  Often, the phone conference can take place immediately or certainly more quickly than an in-office appointment.  Phone meetings also show that we understand the pressures you are facing in your Mississippi DUI case and wishes to make the process as painless as possible.  We value your time and do not ask people to make unnecessary trips to consult.  Phone conferences allow for greater flexibility at night and weekends.

During this initial consult, you will need to inquire of the background of attorney, allow the attorney to make an initial case assessment, what to expect during the process and legal fees involved.

Why Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

There are many situations in which you may need to hire a Northern Mississippi criminal defense attorney.

These include:

  • Is there a warrant out for your arrest?
  • Is it an arrest warrant or a bench warrant?
  • Can you get out of jail on bond?
  • How you get a bail bond?
  • How much does bond have to be?
  • Do you want a jury trial?
  • Should you negotiate a plea bargain?
  • What about your past criminal record?
  • What if you weren't alone?
  • Does it matter if you are facing criminal charges in state or federal court?
  • What are the consequences of my DUI?
  • How much does a criminal defense lawyer in North Mississippi cost?
  • Will you lose your driver's license?

Contact an Experienced Tupelo Criminal Attorney

To help you answer the questions above you need an attorney who is experienced in many facets of criminal law. Wayne Housley can answer all these questions for you, and help you decide what is best for your case.

Choosing the right attorney can make an enormous difference in your DUI case and consequently the rest of your life.

You need a criminal defense attorney you can be confident will represent you well. If you have been arrested, contact William Wayne Housley.

The Right Lawyer to Have on Your Side

William Housley has an in-depth understanding of the complex legal practices in Mississippi. With unmatched skill, he will investigate and represent your case - whether it is in the realm of criminal law, family law or DUI defense.

Contact An Experienced Tupelo Lawyer

Northern Mississippians accused of crimes or going through divorces will benefit from the unmatched skill of attorney William Housley. Practicing in the realms of criminal law, DUI defense, and family law, Mr. Housley is a multifaceted legal representative with wide-reaching expertise.

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