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Have you been arrested or charged with a crime? Mr. Housley has represented thousands of clients accused of crimes varying from misdemeanors to capital murder. He is committed, competent, and zealous in his efforts to help preserve his client's rights.

criminal conviction, felony or misdemeanor, can have serious consequences.  The first step to take when charged with a crime is to obtain legal counsel to represent you and protect your rights and your interests.

Mr. Housley takes pride in the fact that he provides experienced and aggressive defense services for adults as well as juveniles charged with a crime.  The following misdemeanor and criminal matters are handled by this office:

Legal Assistance is Tailored to Your Individual Needs

No two cases are the same and each require individualized attention.  We take pride in providing the necessary assistance throughout the arduous process.  In some cases, litigation is necessary and serves the best interest of the client.  In others, a plea agreement resulting in a reduced charge or reduction of criminal penalties is the best course of action.  We will pursue whichever option is in your best interest.

We want lasting beneficial results for our clients.  Many people arrested on criminal charges have issues involving chemical dependency, mental illness or anger management issues. Where our clients ask for help and where it is beneficial to them, the goal is to involve the appropriate medical and mental health professionals.

Each case is different, each client is different and that is why I treat each with individualized attention. Why? Because your very freedom may be at stake.

Often, the earlier that legal motions can be filed will create benefits for you the client. I have assisted hundreds of clients by protecting their rights and helping them retain their freedom. Analyzing the case, based upon the facts and evidence is something that I am very proud. Felony cases are very complex, time consuming, and gut wrenching, but I have found nothing that I enjoy more than knowing I have helped someone retain their freedom.

Over the 22 plus years that I have been representing clients, I recognize that my most valuable characteristic is that of acting as representative and advocate for my client. I focus on presenting the best possible defense and serve my client as effectively as possible.

Can I Fight A Criminal Charge?

If you've been charged with a crime, making a plea bargain or facing trial are not your only options. Often, criminal charges are dismissed by the prosecuting attorney or the judge before a trial even begins.

With the help of a knowledgeable criminal attorney, you may be able to have your criminal charge completely dismissed.

Areas We Can Help

We practice in LeeItawambaPontotocUnionLowndes, Oktibbeha, Chickasaw, Alcorn, Tishomingo, Tippah, Calhoun, Prentiss, and Monroe Counties. If a case proves interesting, we can practice statewide.

Read about some of the cities we cover in these counties:

Why Hire A Criminal Attorney?

Criminal offenses have very serious, lifelong consequences that are not to be taken lightly. Those accused of a crime are at risk of serving jail time, paying excessive fines, being placed on parole or probation, and having future opportunities in virtually every aspect of life altered forever. You can fight your criminal charge on your own, but doing so will increase your odds of facing hefty fines or jail time.

An experienced criminal attorney will listen to your story and work with you to craft a compelling argument for your case. The success of a criminal defense case depends heavily on thorough investigation, cross-examination, and a well-devised trial strategy. Each case must be reviewed carefully to examine the evidence and facts of the alleged crime so that the best possible result can be accomplished.

Why Hire William Wayne Housley?

Handling the complexities of criminal law can be overwhelming, stressful, and confusing. Having experienced legal representation on your side is critical to protecting your rights.

William Wayne Housley has been practicing Mississippi criminal law for over a decade. William's drive and commitment will ensure that your criminal case is seen all the way through from start to finish. He will ensure that your rights are protected and that you have the best possible defense to the charges brought against you.

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William Housley has an in-depth understanding of the complex legal practices in Mississippi. With unmatched skill, he will investigate and represent your case - whether it is in the realm of criminal law, family law or DUI defense.

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Northern Mississippians accused of crimes or going through divorces will benefit from the unmatched skill of attorney William Housley. Practicing in the realms of criminal law, DUI defense, and family law, Mr. Housley is a multifaceted legal representative with wide-reaching expertise.

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