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Getting out of hot water

Driving trucks is stressful; you are always on the road. This past December all I could think about was going home for Christmas. I was delivering a load to Wal-Mart on time and they wanted me to come back the next day because they were too busy. This would mean another wasted day and make it impossible to get back in time to see family. My load was refused at gate and it emotionally was too much. A camera was broken and the cops came. I failed to comply with an order given by the responding officer and spent a night in jail. I was charged with malicious mischief and failure to comply. Wal-Mart and the cop pressed charges. My chances were not good. A multi-billion dollar corporation and a cop had charges against me. I called Wayne Housley and he took my cases at a reasonable flat fee. He plead not guilty on both charges on my behalf. We went to court. The day was a complete and absolute victory. No jail time, no criminal record against me and no court fee or restitution. I thank God I was not convicted of any crimes. Wal-Mart has the best lawyers money can buy and with Wayne Housley on my side fighting for me; I did not pay them a dime. He got me, a nobody truck driver out of hot water. He is a strong lawyer even against a big company. Let him do the talking. I'm anonymous because I don't want anything linking me to a crime as it's over now. My name is clean and background checks are clean. If I had lost, I was looking at up to one year in jail, court fees and $750 restitution and a criminal record for two charges. But none of that happened. Thank you, Wayne Housley.

We Win Cases

We understand the criminal legal process and pride ourselves on availability and communication. Mr. Housley utilizes his experience along with intense preparation and a long term strategy to help clients win criminal defense cases.