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I retained Mr. Wayne Housley to assist in a charge that carried substantial prison time. With much understanding and patience, Mr. Housley quietly listened while I explained to him all necessary details of the case, then, I listened to his expert advice. In an extremely short amount of time and, informing me of all progress every step of the way, had my charge retired to the file with very little expense to me. Mr. Wayne Housley is most definitely the best criminal defense attorney I know of. I would recommend Mr. Housley as your attorney and I, myself, would accept no other attorney. Mr. Housley is a kind, jovial, respectful, attentive, dedicated, and extremely good and timely attorney. Mr. Housley, thank you for all the hard work and dedication.
– Joseph R. Welch, Jr.

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Northern Mississippians accused of crimes or going through divorces will benefit from the unmatched skill of attorney William Housley. Practicing in the realms of criminal law, DUI defense, and family law, Mr. Housley is a multifaceted legal representative with wide-reaching expertise.

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