Child Abuse

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Child Abuse

Miss. Code Annotated Sec. 97-5-39(2) defines as follows:

Any person shall be guilty of felonious child abuse in the following circumstances:

(a) Whether bodily harm results or not, if the person shall intentionally, knowingly or recklessly:

  1.       Burn any child;
  2.       Physically torture any child;
  3.       Strangle, choke, smother or in any way interfere with a child's breathing;
  4.       Poison a child;
  5.       Starve a child of nourishments needed to sustain life or growth;
  6.       Use any type of weapon upon any child;

(b) If some bodily harm to any child actually occur, and if the person shall intentionally, knowingly or recklessly:

  1.       Throw, kick, bite, or cut any child;
  2.       Strike a child under the age of fourteen about the face or head with a closed fist;
  3.       Strike a child under the age of five in the face or head;
  4.       Kick, bite, cut or strike a child's genitals; circumcision is not a violation under this subparagraph.

(c) If serious bodily harm to any child occurs, and if the person shall intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly:

  1.       Strike any child on the face or head;
  2.       Disfigure or scar any child;
  3.       Whip, strike, or otherwise abuse a child.

As you can tell child abuse covers a large spectrum of activity and has much terminology that only an experienced Tupelo criminal defense lawyer can decipher.  Allow William Wayne Housley to assist you in your time of need because all it takes for a charge of this magnitude is a false accusation and then you might find your entire life spiraling out of control.

Considerations for a Child Abuse Defense

The state of Mississippi requires by law that teachers and coaches and many other professionals report immediately where there is suspicion of child abuse.

The charge of child abuse has significant social stigma attached. Prosecutors face considerable societal pressure to pursue crimes against children and are typically highly motivated to seek convictions for these charges.

Child abuse cases are often very complex.  In addition, the potential testimony of children increases the need for an experienced attorney.  Beware that prosecutors may induce testimony from the child that is beneficial to their case. The stigma attached with harming children may also lower the threshold of proof in the minds of jurors.

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